Wax on, wax off... Breathe in, breathe out... Right wing, left wing...

Here's a thought.

Liberalism and conservatism represent two natural movements of life: inhalation and exhalation, growth and decay, expansion and contraction.

If you don't regularly experience both in turn, you'll be quickly in the emergency room, the ICU, and then the morgue.

Both movements are essential to life. There is no inhalation without exhalation. There is no growth without decay. There is no expansion without contraction.

Without both, without the full movements of life, there is no life.

However, these movements are natural, instinctual, unconscious. You don't have to consciously inhale and exhale, except for short moments of breathing exercise. You don't have to construct your bodily growth. These paradoxical movements happen naturally, in balanced rhythm.

They're not good or bad, they just exist. Together, in balanced rhythmic motion, they're good.

Otherwise, either one of them are bad.

Autophagy, cell death, is necessary for the elimination of old and damaged cells. But what happens if one experiences unchecked cell death?

Continuous decline to complete death.

What if one experiences unchecked cell growth?

Endless tumours, stopped only when the host body has expired and can no longer supply the cancerous cells.

Both extremes end in death. Death by implosion or explosion.

Look at politics. Liberalism and conservatism both have their place.

The liberal urge gives rise to things like live theatre. The conservative urge brings about things like the public library.

Yet, look at the current political climate. Unchecked Rightism will lead to one path of destruction. Unchecked Leftism will lead to another.

But the destination for both paths is the same: destruction of the country and most who dwell within it.

Who benefits from this?


Not the people. Not you and me. Not even the state.

But someone benefits.


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