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It's dawned on me that many of my friends and followers don't know exactly what I do.

What I do seems obvious to me, because I'm doing it every day (of course). But I realise that it might be completely opaque to someone who's only occasionally glimpsing me on social media.

Premium Written Content

Well, what I do on a daily basis, is produce premium written content. There are other things, but this is the main thing.

This means two- to three-page feature articles. 750-word editorial columns and opinion pieces. Human-interest lifestyle pieces. Ten-page technical articles.

I don't do keyword stuffing, because I write for human beings. Also, Google is always trying to improve its artificial intelligence to learn what humans like, which makes keyword stuffing and other attempts to game the search engines shortsighted efforts.

The long game is to write quality stuff for intelligent real people.

  • Short and light lifestyle articles for your newsletter
  • Expert editorials for your company website
  • In-depth professional articles for your industry magazine

I can do all these for you and more at an exorbitant price.*

*Exorbitant, compared to keyword-stuffed article-mill fluff that might get your search engine optimisation penalised at the next Google update. For excellent copy that real people really want to read, however, my fees pay for themselves in your improved readership.

Contact Me

Curious to explore more? Drop me a line at me@mpcopy.com for a complimentary copy consultation.

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