How to "doom" yourself to success

How to "doom" yourself to success:

"Where are you going?"
"I don't know."
"Then it doesn't matter which way you go."

In the book Psycho Cybernetics, the author describes how the mind works: You set a fixed destination in your conscious mind, and then heaven and earth will bend to bring you to that destination. Actually, it is your subconscious mind that is moving you toward the destination that you have set. (That's the "cybernetics" part. It's a Greek word that describes the navigation system, e.g., of a ship.)

But oftentimes, our subconscious mind seems to work at cross-purposes to our conscious mind. You might be familiar with the feeling. It's like pushing a shopping cart with one or two busted wheels. You want to go to the dry goods section but the cart seems to have a mind of its own, moving to the paper towels. Then you have to exert huge effort to force it to do your will. Then it fights back in protest, ramming into a display rack, spilling little bottles of shampoo cream or whatever onto the ground, drawing every eye to you and embarrassing you.

Our subconscious mind do be like that sometimes.

"What I want to do I do not, but that which I do not want to do, that I do," St Paul complained in Romans 7.

You know you should exercise, but why don't you? You know you should sleep early, but why don't you?

We all "know" the good things that we ought to do. It's easy, especially in this information age, to read up on the "right" things to eat, drink and do. But then why does it require such superhuman effort to do these things? Why when you know you should exercise, does your subconscious mind send you spiraling into the buffet line for a very public and embarrassing wipeout?
It is because, like an iceberg, the subconscious mind is nine tenths of your mind. And unless you get your subconscious mind to align with what you "know" in your ten-percent conscious mind, you're doomed to follow your subconscious programming.

So, you need to coax your subconscious mind into alignment with your conscious destination. And that's where discipline and habits come in.

Say you want to go to the gym 3 times a week or whatever. Instead of focusing herculean effort in going to the gym Monday, Wednesday and Friday, focus on reprogramming your subconscious to agree with your conscious mind why going to the gym 3 times a week is a great idea! Once you get the buy-in of your subconscious mind, you'll be"doomed" to go to the gym three times a week. If you don't make it the gym, you'll feel uneasy. Then your cybernetic mechanism will steer you in the direction of the gym.

Try it. Instead of squeezing what little willpower you have left to do the thing you know you should do, instead use thatwillpower to habitualise aligning your subconscious with your conscious mind. Get a vision board. Record an audio of your goals - and WHY - and play it on loop while you sleep. Get a bullet journal and use it daily. Oops, Bullet Journal is Registered trademark. I meant to say get a dotted diary.

Do whatever it takes to coax your subconscious mind into cooperating with your conscious mind. That's how you change for the better. That's the only way to change.
And then you can "doom" yourself to success.

Do you have a self-reflection habit? What do you do?

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