If a brand doesn't offer you a network marketing component, they don't care about you?

I'm sorry, but why should I sport any brand's merch if they aren't willing to pay me anything?

Network marketing is the way of the future.
It's only fair if I'm recommending a product, for the product owner to share some profit with me.
Why should I wear the merch of a company that doesn't share any profit from sales with me? Why should I recommend the product or service of any company that doesn't share a portion of the profit from any sales that might result from my recommendation with me?

How much profit does your mobile carrier share with you when you share it with friends, family and strangers?

My mobile carrier, running on Malaysia's widest 4G network, shares 13% of recurring sales from my referrals with me.
My life insurance company, the world's number-one insurer, through my agency, shares 20% of my referrals' purchases with me.

Get with the programme. Ride the wave of the future. If a brand isn't willing to share their profits with you, choose one that will. Why throw your money into a hole when you can sow it like seed and reap a harvest later on?

- Let me know if you want me to hook you up with Malaysia's largest 4G network with 13% of recurring referral sales back to you.

- Let me know if you want me to hook you up with the world's number-one life and medical insurance, with 20% of recurring referral sales back to you.

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