How to be an Insurance Agent in Malaysia

So you want to be an #insuranceagent in #malaysia?
First, decide which insurance company you want to represent.
Next, look for a friend who's an insurance agent with that insurance company and tell them you want to join the industry. They'll set you up with their company's onboarding programme. Or you can just go to the insurance company's website and look for a link to become an agent. They all have it.

Then, you'll need to study and pass the Life Insurance Association of Malaysia's (#LIAM) exams before you can start #selling and earn commissions.

Or, you can simply partner with me and earn referral fees. You don't even need to take exams to be qualified as an agent because you can just refer clients to me, I'll do the insurance agent's sales and servicing work, and you'll earn the referral fees from every case closed. The referral fees start from 20% of the premiums, all the way up to millions over time.

The thing is, AFTER you've built a solid income, THEN you can still qualify to become a licensed agent if you want. (For example, if you're like me, bitten by the insurance bug:

They say that people give you money for solving their problems. The bigger the problem you solve, the more the money they want to give you.
My "problem" is where to find clients. If you solve this problem for me, I'll pay you in appreciation!

Partner and profit with me in my #insurance referral #business. #networkingbusiness

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