Dollar-cost average your life every day

When I look at this BTC price chart, I feel happy.

Why? Because I'm dollar-cost averaging every day.

Every day, I buy X ringgit of bitcoin - and certain other cryptos.

So, on the days that the price is up, I'm happy because my holdings are up.

On the days the price is down, I'm happy because I managed to buy more crypto for the same amount of money spent.

How we spend our days should be the same.

Have your daily practices and keep at them - no matter what.

Don't try and give a heroic effort at change when you're feeling up, or give up when you're feeling down.

Don't try and "time the market" and "get lucky" with your life development as a person.

Just plug away steadily and with the same, small measure of energy every day.

On days when it's easy (the price is down), you'll achieve more.

On days when it's hard (the price is up), the small contributions you made in the couple of weeks before will carry you through with momentum - and it'll feel easier than it really is.

Just have your daily practices written down (don't leave it to memory that can disappear on bad days) and execute them in small, regular measures every day.

You'll be surprised at how far you've come in just a couple of months.

Trust me, you can do this.

One small energy-cost averaging of your life every day, and you can be a different you in less than a year.

Don't believe me?

Imagine if you ate a small bag of chips every. Dang. Day.

Wouldn't your life change (for the worse) in a couple of weeks?

Now, imagine if you read - out loud - a chapter of a solid book every. Dang. Day.

Wouldn't your life change for the better in just a couple of weeks?

Yes, it would.

And yes, you can!

Tell me, what small thing will you do every day?

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