My finger is sore

My finger is sore.

No, not the whole finger.

Just one spot where the corner of the fingernail digs into the flesh of the fingertip. I cut my nail too short.


My finger is sore.

It's not noticeably swollen or red, just tender.


My finger is sore.

And that's all I can think about.

Well, not really. I go about my day, but I have a little nonverbal voice in the back of my head going, "Notice me, notice me."

If I allow this voice to distract me from my workaday tasks, then I would derail more important stuff for a tiny discomfort.

If I ignore this little voice and carelessly bash my finger against something in the course of my day, then the tiny sore may become a fullblown infection necessitating the shelving of my workaday plans to attend to this new urgency.

What is the moral of the story?

I'll send $1 in BSV to the first satisfying answer.

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