The most selfless thing you can do is to put in your oxygen mask first


If you're in a plane and the oxygen masks suddenly drop down, the most selfless thing you can do is to put yours on first. Secure your oxygen supply, then you can help with the children, the elderly and disabled.

I feel that my job for now is to heal myself first, so that I can heal others next.

Make sure your oxygen supply is secured. If there's no emergency, practise breathing daily by meditating. Focus on your breathing while letting your mind ascend to things above (this is the meaning behind the "mindscendence") for twenty minutes. If you can't do twenty minutes, do two until you can do twenty.

For now, my "job" will be:

  1. physio morning and night,

  2. acupuncture once a day,

  3. Meditation morning and night, and

  4. studying for my insurance agent qualifying exam. Plus,

  5. meeting up with old friends and family to celebrate life.

  6. Making new friends to expand my circle of care.

And now I am ready for lunch. Later in the day, I wish to practise driving.

Some thoughts on pain during the acupuncture session just now: There are different kinds of pain. The pain of discipline. The pain of regret. The pain of growth. These taste different. The pains of discipline and growth taste bittersweet. The pain of regret tastes bitter. As biological beings, we instinctively avoid pain but are drawn to pleasure. We can train our minds to recognise sweet pain as pleasure, so we'll seek it out. If we indulge in the pain of discipline and growth enough, we'll avoid the pain of regret.

Create a new relationship with pain.

This sounds like a BDSM relationship. Submissives need discipline. It's good for them. It's sweet pain, that's why they do it. People outside the relationship don't get it. Just like people outside gym culture don't get why people would want to punish themselves. Same for marathon runners.

There's an inside language that is not understood by outsiders.

I sold tell Brittany that I'd like to see her alone. I wonder what that'd do to her state of mind?

Maybe nothing. Maybe she'd also like that. Should we do it?

Do what? Have procreative sex? Definitely not. Have non-procreative sex? Maybe. Meet up and talk about truth? Definitely.

So, I just signed up for the PCE exam just now. Cynthia called me and Jason walked me through registering for the exam. I don't think I'd figured it out if not for Jason's pointers. The design of the website is totally non-intuitive.

I have 3angle work to do, and I have MpCoPy work to do.

I shall do those after this.

Come on, the hundred words more. What can I write about?

I can write about my harem. I choose to embody dominant masculine divine energy. And I choose to sponsor a harem for my feminine girls, where they can express their submission without shame and the denigration of this upside down feminist society.

They can instead choose to exercise true submissive femininity as a response to my dominant masculine divine energy. And as they exercise their submissive feminine divine energy, they will in turn elicit a response from dominant masculine divine men. To their happily ever after.

I am doing a valuable service here.

I don't know how three logistics of this harem will work out, only that it will. I submit it to God's hands.

Teenage girls might seem too young to this upside down world, but they're already getting along in age. There going to be adults soon, increasingly set in their ways. There's not much time for them to learn the submissive feminine divine ways.

If they embrace the sweet pain of discipline now, they won't have to taste the bitter pain of regret later on in life.

I choose to seek out the sweet pain of growth and discipline now. I choose to mete out the sweet pain of growth and discipline now. It is my service to my girls. And to all for whom I'm responsible.

I am creating a huge, hard, healthy body, an embodiment of pure dominant masculine divine energy, a reward and safe space for my submissive feminine divine girls.

I have no idea how this is going to work out, only that it is going to work out.

I have a vision, a mission and am intention for my submissive, feminine divine girls. That they might grow in their femininity and their submission, to their happily ever after.

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