When the ideal is enemy of progress

Anything worth doing is worth doing well. But if this gets you into perfection mode and hinders you from doing anything at all, then "good enough" is better than "ideal."

Because anything, even mediocre, is infinitely more than zero.

Recently, I've been practising sitting in silence for fifteen minutes at a time. Sometimes it goes well. Other times, it's a struggle. Like today.

So instead of sitting still for fifteen minutes, what if I sat still for one minute? That's much more doable.

Then, after one minute of silence, I sit for two minutes. Then, three. Then, four. By the time I'd sat for five minutes, that's a cumulative fifteen minutes.

It's less than ideal, because it's fifteen minutes interrupted by four pauses. Versus fifteen minutes uninterrupted. But it's infinitely better than zero minutes spent sitting in silence.

When the ideal becomes the enemy of progress, do the minimum rather than nothing at all.

You can always improve something. If you give the universe nothing to work with, you have nothing to work with.

This is why "he who has, even more will be given to him and he will have an abundance." But he who does not have (really, he's blind to what he has, so in his reality, he doesn't have), even what he has will be taken away from him.

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