Just Look (It) Up!

"Don't Look Up" is an awesome movie if you like comedy. While watching it, I remembered watching a YouTube philosopher expound on the difference between "nascence" and "ignorance." To be nascent is to be in a state of pre-knowledge. You just haven't been presented with the facts yet.

To be ignorant (or ignore-ant, as he pronounced it for emphasis) is to ignore the facts that we consider inconvenient.

Nascence is innocent, if naive. Ignorance kills.

The premise of the movie is that there's a killer comet heading for earth but most people can't be bothered to do something about it because of ignorance. They're too preoccupied with the media and entertainment and politics.

So when the comet enters within sight of planet earth several months later, the people are split into two camps: the told-you-so "Just Look Up" faction and the "Never Look Up" camp, which is a fascist mix of government and a mega corporation.

The "Just Look Uppers" want you to look up because they want you to fear, the President says, so just don't look up. There's nothing to see there. So she wants you to believe.

I tell you, there's a perverse feeling that arose in me, thinking those Just Don't Look Uppers deserve what's coming to them. Soon it will be apparent, whether or not they Just Look Up. Of course, the same fate befalls all earthlings in the end.

I notice with amusement that with the addition of one word, the movie is a mirror of what's happening in our world today.

The fascist government-corporation complex is yelling "Don't Look (It) Up! Don't Look (It) Up! It's all a conspiracy theory!"

And on the other side, the voluntaryists are yelling "Just Look (It) Up! Just Look (It) Up! It's plainly evident if you just look with your own two eyes!"

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