In this life, it's not a question of whether I will experience heartache. It's a question of what I will do when when faced with heartache. It's not wise to live as if there will never be rain, because there will be rain. It's a question of preparing for the rain. Maybe even using the rain for my benefit. Because rains have benefits. They bring life.

And so maybe heartache brings life, in some roundabout way. Expect there to be heartache. Let it fill your jars. Pour it on your soil and let it germinate your seeds.

The soil is the bullshit that life shovels at you. The seeds are your hopes and dreams, your aspirations and thoughts of a future life to come.

Spend time every day showing your seeds in the garden bed of life's bullshit. Then water it with the accumulated heartache and disappointments of life. And watch your garden come to fruition. Take, eat, share, sell.

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