Prosperity Is Life's Natural State

Prosperity is life's natural state. Prosperity is not absence of lack or want, but rather an internal celebration of abundance which is always present and available to us.

Happiness, joy, and satisfaction are really just different aspects of prosperity. They are manifestations of our internal state of being. Beyond having our needs met to a certain level, it doesn't matter how much we have materially - what matters most is how we feel about ourselves and about life in general. When we feel good about ourselves and our circumstances, when we feel happy or joyful or deeply satisfied, this is prosperity.

It goes beyond the thrill of the moment. True happiness and joy are eternal. You'll feel happy at the end of your life as you feel in the moment.

If you scammed someone, there may be a thrill in the moment, but that feeling will sour soon, and be a bitter memory at the end of your life. That is not prosperity.

Live in alignment with what is important for YOU. Your higher being. Living in alignment will allow for an increase in the natural state of prosperity.

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