Network marketing is a free voluntary school for marketing entrepreneurs

Network marketing is like a "for-profit nonprofit" for developing marketing entrepreneurs.

It is voluntary, free, real-world training - with product usage and business enrollment as the price of entry.

Success leaves clues, and when a network marketing company has a record of success (ten years and still expanding), it means they have a proven system for success that you can learn from.

This system is entirely voluntary. This means that you can enroll in this "school" IF you see the value in it. AND it also means that no one can make you stay in this school.

So that's the free and voluntary aspect of the entrepreneurial training. There's usually no fee for the training, or a nominal cost to cover materials and such.

What you pay to learn from this voluntary training institute that you see value in, is to use the products from the company and to share the business opportunity of the company.

This can feel scammy if you do not believe in the products and corporate governance of the company.

So make sure you trust and believe in the products and governance of the network marketing company you join.

If you can't do that, leave that company.


Go find one you can believe in.

Then, enroll yourself in the voluntary training system. Commit yourself. Follow it.


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