What is the missing link to your success?

The details of success are defined variably by different people, but fundamentally, success looks like happy wealth and health.

That's the basic triangle of success.

Got money but no health? That's not success.

Got health but no money? That's better, but still not success.

Got money and health but no happiness? That's a mockery of success.

What's more, the path to success involves even more variables.

There's your business and/or investments, your diet, your exercise plan, your mental health, inner game, mentors, timing, awareness, open attitude, teachability, etc, etc, etc.

If you're on the road to success but just can't seem to get there yet, you probably feel that something's missing.

And there are a thousand thousand marketers out there trying to convince you that they've got the missing piece that you need.

A marketing funnel. A secret traffic source. A personal development programme. A subliminal hypnosis track. A mentorship club.

The thing is, any of these could be the missing piece (or missing pieces) that you need.

Only YOU can really know.

So, success starts with you.

If you are constantly open and searching and learning - and you do not give up - then you will eventually get there.

So, success starts with you. Success depends on you.

YOU are the missing link to your success.

But you already have you.

This means, once you know who you really are, you've found your missing link.

So, stay in learning mode, never stop.

And follow me.

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