Those strange Vitalis habits from childhood


That's the name of a hair oil that used to exist when I was a kid.

Do ANY grooming hair oils even exist anymore?

Vitalis would help make your hair smooth and manageable so that you could get the perfect parting that you desired - left, right or centre!

I would spend many long moments applying Vitalis, combing my hair, checking that the part was perfect, combing down any stray hairs, applying more Vitalis, combing, checking, oiling...

In the end, I would have a part that was perfect. More perfect than Lim Guan Eng's.

My mother would say that a fly that landed on my head would slip and break its ankle.

Four decades later, I realise that behaviour was plenty immature and probably slightly ill.

I no longer oil and part my hair meticulously. I've outgrown that.

But the tendency to perfection is still with me.

Nothing wrong with doing a job well.

But when it becomes an obsession for perfection - or a paralysis of starting anything new because it might not be PERFECT - then that's not healthy.

Growing up doesn't stop at any point.

Not at puberty, not at high school graduation, not at commencement, not when you get your PhD, not at any point.

Except at death, of course.

Do you have any strange behaviours held over from childhood?

We all have them.

Recognising - and laughing at - them is the first step at freeing yourself from them.

You know you want a better life.

But these strange shadow habits hold you back at crucial moments in your personal development.

Pick up these memories like old Polaroids, have a chuckle, and lay them down to rest.

TODAY is real, and it is here.


Do you have any strange Vitalis habits of your own?

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