If you're looking for dramatic change, take ridiculously small steps

Take "ridiculously small steps."

"Ridiculously small steps" seem ridiculous only to the ego.

In reality, each small step puts you further ahead along the journey.

If you take ridiculously small steps faithfully, you'll have the double benefit of making progress while learning to shush the ego.

See, you don't always need to listen to your ego.

You only need to listen to your ego on rare occasion. Most of the time, your heart will lead you more accurately where you need to go.

The rest of the time, your gut will guide you.

You mostly need to listen to your ego when you want - ironically - to figure out what will impress other people's egos.

And those don't impress easily, though they trigger easily and bruise even more easily.

So, put aside your ego that tells you to do something grand and impressive, and listen to your heart and gut.

If you want to do something groundbreaking, may I suggest that you do just the first micro-action.

For example, don't try and do a 120-movement exercise routine.

The routine starts with 10 squats?

Do one squat.

Here's the trick:

It's almost impossible to stop at one squat!

You'll most often end up doing all 120 movements.

And although it's hard to start a routine with 120 movements, it's easy to start with one movement.

And the trick is, it's hard to stop at one!

So, shush the ego, listen to the heart, go with the gut and ... have fun!

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