What is the meaning of personal development?

I’m not gonna lie. I write these articles inspired by certain carefully researched keywords.

This keyword research is to uncover what areas of interest are undeserved and in need of more input.

And that got me thinking, today. I’ve put in some extensive research to determine what the focus of this blog should be. That’s why you don’t see me blogging here about my love for warm puppies. This blog isn’t about that. Maybe someday later.

What are the keywords of my life?

So I’ve researched the keywords for this blog. Have I researched the keywords for my life? That’s what I was thinking. That’s what occurred to me as I ordered this chamomile tea that sits cooling before me.

Have I researched the keywords for my life? What’s the purpose of my life? What’s the content I should develop for my life?That’s worth the thought.

What are the keywords of my life?

And would anyone search for those keywords?

Or am I a niche player, without much value to the crowd?

What would be the keywords of my life?

I am a master enroller. Does anyone know what that means?

In common parlance, I am a leader of people.

And, by the way, “common parlance” isn’t common parlance. Paradox.

Well, okay. What would the keywords of my life be?

And who’s searching for the keywords of my life?

And what’s the public use of a live lived creating content for keywords that nobody searches for?

I could create niche content that interests nobody but myself and that would have value for myself and nobody else. What use is a life like that?

Which leads me to another thought.

What is the meaning of personal development that doesn’t interest anybody else?

The reason we’re personal development junkies isn’t ultimately for ourselves. The meaning of personal development is in the benefit it brings to other people around the person being being developed.

Reading personal development books without expressing love to others is just mental masturbation.

Attending personal development courses without benefiting others is just a circle jerk.

There’s no meaning to self improvement if it doesn’t improve one’s relationships with other people.

You see what I mean?

So, what are the keywords of your life, and is anyone searching for those keywords?

Is anyone searching for [Ferrari owner]? Who’s searching for [self-made millionaire]?

People are more likely to search for [freelance writer] or a [yoga instructor] or [construction consultant].

But those don’t really reveal who you are, they describe what you do.

Might someone be searching for [loving man] or [world’s best dad]?

(Although, that last keyword search will probably return a selection of mugs for sale.)

You need to know your own keywords

Ultimately, you need to know your own true worth. You need to know your own keywords.

The Matrix cannot tell you who you are.

The masses only want you for what you can offer.

Only you know who you really are and what you can give.

Yet, who you are needs to be of value to people other than yourself, for life to have meaning.

This is paradox.

Who are you? Why are you here? What do you have to offer?

Not just in terms of what can make money, but even more in terms of how much love you can give.

That’s what is the meaning of personal development.

What is the meaning of personal development except to benefit others?

Personal development will help raise your income and net worth, but more importantly is how it raises your value as a human being to other human beings. Your kids. Your spouse. Your extended family and your family of friends, colleagues, customers and clients. Your family of humanity. The sea of strangers or there.

How are you treating strangers? How much are you living them and how are you benefiting them? That’s the proof of the pudding. That’s the proof of whether your personal development is valuable or just self-indulgence.

Self-improvement or self-indulgence? That is the question.

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