Why network marketing in the 21st century turns me on

Why network marketing?

For me, it's about group success.

To succeed is a good feeling, but to succeed alone is hollow.

As Martin Luther King Jr said, none of us is free until all of us are free.

Similarly, none of us is successful until all of us are successful.

The true nature of humanity is love, and the true nature of love is to give.

That's why solo success is hollow. There's nobody to give to. 

That's why the promise of network marketing appeals to me.

It's like those ants who lock arms and form a raft that floats atop the floodwaters of the Amazon.

The power is in the network 

The power is in the network of people.

The power of change throughout human history has always been in the network of people.

Network marketing is just a business model born in the 1950s that formalises the human network.

In the 21st century, it's been revolutionised by computing power.

Today, the human networks of network marketing are enabled and tracked by computer networks.

This has created another great increase in growth and velocity.

Network marketing is the fastest growing sector of business.

The power is automated 

Today, network marketing is run on marketing funnels.

  1. You subscribe to a marketing funnel with your email or a social media platform.
  2. You get regular messaging about the network marketing product and company.
  3. You make an informed decision.
  4. If you get on board, you enrol others through the same marketing funnel, keyed to you.

This is the ease and power of systems.

I love systems

I love systems.


I see them everywhere in nature.

Outside my apartment balcony is Kuala Lumpur's main waterway, the Klang River.

It has never ceased to flow in the 20 years I've lived here nor in the 14 years before I moved in, when this apartment was built. Nor in the hundreds of years before that, when this city was founded.

Outside my window, the sun rises and sets every day.

In my own body and yours, systems of respiration, circulation, growth and reproduction are at work from conception to death.

If network marketing is the formalisation of natural human networks, then marketing funnels are the formalisation of natural systems.

And I'm not gonna lie, that really geeks me out.

If you're an 80s kid like me, you'll remember Hannibal, the wily leader of The A Team.

At the end of every episode, he would utter his catchphrase:

I love it when a plan comes together.

(If you're an 80s kid like me, you'll also remember the time when TV shows HAD catchphrases.)

(Watchu talkin' about, Willis?)

(Don't be ridiculoss.)

Ah, the cringey nostalgia.

Where was I?


The systems.

The marketing funnels.

Network marketing formalises natural human networks.

Marketing funnels formalise natural systems.

One more thing.

The sponsorship system formalises the natural transference of wisdom.

The power is leveraged by duplication 

Before we had factory style classroom education, people learned by apprenticeship.

It worked like this:

  1. I do, you watch.
  2. I do, you do.
  3. You do, I watch.
  4. You do, someone new watches.

And on it goes.

The upline-downline structure of network marketing formalises this natural way of learning.

The success in network marketing comes primarily from customers using the products, but it is leveraged to the stereotypical successful marketer "cars and houses" lifestyle by the leverage of downline distributors duplicating upline distributors.

The power is in duplication.

Duplication plus automation 

With online marketing funnels, duplication has entered a new revolutionary phase.

A proven marketer with a few DECADES of experience gives a highly effective presentation and a highly effective email series of communications.

Many sales and enrolments take place.

A new marketer with a few WEEKS of experience can duplicate that marketer's effectiveness by sharing one link to people that he or she has built a relationship with.

Yet many sales and enrolments also take place.

This is the power of duplication.

This is the "I do, you watch" phase. This is where success starts.

  • Network marketing formalises natural human networks.
  • Marketing funnels formalise natural systems.
  • Sponsorship formalises natural transfer of wisdom.

Use this path of success for yourself.

The flashiness of the cars and houses you ultimately buy is entirely up to you. (To me, it's more about creating a Legacy.)

Talk to me if you agree. I love getting messages.

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