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How to "doom" yourself to success

How to "doom" yourself to success:

"Where are you going?"
"I don't know."
"Then it doesn't matter which way you go."

In the book Psycho Cybernetics, the author describes how the mind works: You set a fixed destination in your conscious mind, and then heaven and earth will bend to bring you to that destination. Actually, it is your subconscious mind that is moving you toward the destination that you have set. (That's the "cybernetics" part. It's a Greek word that describes the navigation system, e.g., of a ship.)

But oftentimes, our subconscious mind seems to work at cross-purposes to our conscious mind. You might be familiar with the feeling. It's like pushing a shopping cart with one or two busted wheels. You want to go to the dry goods section but the cart seems to have a mind of its own, moving to the paper towels. Then you have to exert huge effort to force it to do your will. Then it fights back in protest, ramming into a display rack, spilling little bottles of shampoo cream or whatever onto the ground, drawing every eye to you and embarrassing you.

Our subconscious mind do be like that sometimes.

"What I want to do I do not, but that which I do not want to do, that I do," St Paul complained in Romans 7.

You know you should exercise, but why don't you? You know you should sleep early, but why don't you?

We all "know" the good things that we ought to do. It's easy, especially in this information age, to read up on the "right" things to eat, drink and do. But then why does it require such superhuman effort to do these things? Why when you know you should exercise, does your subconscious mind send you spiraling into the buffet line for a very public and embarrassing wipeout?
It is because, like an iceberg, the subconscious mind is nine tenths of your mind. And unless you get your subconscious mind to align with what you "know" in your ten-percent conscious mind, you're doomed to follow your subconscious programming.

So, you need to coax your subconscious mind into alignment with your conscious destination. And that's where discipline and habits come in.

Say you want to go to the gym 3 times a week or whatever. Instead of focusing herculean effort in going to the gym Monday, Wednesday and Friday, focus on reprogramming your subconscious to agree with your conscious mind why going to the gym 3 times a week is a great idea! Once you get the buy-in of your subconscious mind, you'll be"doomed" to go to the gym three times a week. If you don't make it the gym, you'll feel uneasy. Then your cybernetic mechanism will steer you in the direction of the gym.

Try it. Instead of squeezing what little willpower you have left to do the thing you know you should do, instead use thatwillpower to habitualise aligning your subconscious with your conscious mind. Get a vision board. Record an audio of your goals - and WHY - and play it on loop while you sleep. Get a bullet journal and use it daily. Oops, Bullet Journal is Registered trademark. I meant to say get a dotted diary.

Do whatever it takes to coax your subconscious mind into cooperating with your conscious mind. That's how you change for the better. That's the only way to change.
And then you can "doom" yourself to success.

Do you have a self-reflection habit? What do you do?

If a brand doesn't offer you a network marketing component, they don't care about you?

I'm sorry, but why should I sport any brand's merch if they aren't willing to pay me anything?

Network marketing is the way of the future.
It's only fair if I'm recommending a product, for the product owner to share some profit with me.
Why should I wear the merch of a company that doesn't share any profit from sales with me? Why should I recommend the product or service of any company that doesn't share a portion of the profit from any sales that might result from my recommendation with me?

How much profit does your mobile carrier share with you when you share it with friends, family and strangers?

My mobile carrier, running on Malaysia's widest 4G network, shares 13% of recurring sales from my referrals with me.
My life insurance company, the world's number-one insurer, through my agency, shares 20% of my referrals' purchases with me.

Get with the programme. Ride the wave of the future. If a brand isn't willing to share their profits with you, choose one that will. Why throw your money into a hole when you can sow it like seed and reap a harvest later on?

- Let me know if you want me to hook you up with Malaysia's largest 4G network with 13% of recurring referral sales back to you.

- Let me know if you want me to hook you up with the world's number-one life and medical insurance, with 20% of recurring referral sales back to you.

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Thoughts on Quiet Quitting

Thoughts on Quiet Quitting

Definition of #QuietQuitting

First off, "Quiet Quitting" is defined as doing just enough at your dayjob to fly under the radar and not get fired.
As a SURVIVAL strategy, it's not too bad. But that's no way to live a life of SIGNIFICANCE.

What's that, you say? You don't have enough money to think about Significance? You're barely scraping enough together to worry about Survival?

That's all right, according to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, you're well within normal human behaviour. Survival comes first.

Quiet Quitting is simply the other side of the coin of employment, where the company pays you just enough so that you won't quit. It's codependent relationship dynamics expressed in an employment situation.

Be honest. If another company offers you double what you're currently earning to do the same job, wouldn't you jump ship, except maybe for the sharks in the waters below, the uncertainties?
You'd jump because the pull factor is strong enough to brave the unknown below.

Conversely, if your current company cut your pay by half, you'd also jump ship, damn the uncertainties. Nevermind about the maybe-sharks in the sea below. You'd take the risk because half-pay gives you enough of a push factor.

Ah, but if your company cut your pay to 80% of what you're currently getting, you'd just find ways to adapt. You'd curtail your dreams by 20%. You'd cut corners. You'd make it work.

Maybe you'd practise Quiet Quitting and reduce your productivity and commitment to 90%. The company's still profiting by 10% in this case, so your conscience is clear.

Only, do you want to spend your days as a 90% man or woman? Next year, you'll be 90 percent of 90 percent. Third year, you won't recognise yourself in the mirror. Fourth year, you'll be half the person you are now.

By the fifth year, you'll be a quarter of the person you are today. By the sixth year, you'll be the Walking Dead. These things have a way of compounding.

On the other hand, if you give 101% every day, over time it will compound until one day you wake up and suddenly you're twice the person you are now. And if you keep giving 101%, one day you'll wake up and be surprised to see Superman or Wonder Woman looking back at you from your mirror.

So what is the solution to Quiet Quitting?

Why are people "quiet quitting"? Because, practically, salaries are not keeping up with living expenses. That's why a JOB stands for Just Over Broke. You know the feeling of treading water to keep your nose above the water line. Some months you're underwater and some months you're thankfully above water to take a gulp of air before you go under again. You're being waterboarded by life. Waterboarding is the torture method of choice of the rogue states because it makes the victim FEEL like they're dyinf without ACTUALLY killing them. So it can be kept up indefinitely. Is that what you feel like? Do you feel like you're being waterboarded by life every day?

Instead of #quietquitting, work on a #silentstartup.
Instead of cutting down 10% of energy and focus from your dayjob, spend an extra 10% outside of your work hours working on a #sidehustle until its providing you a small, steady #passiveincome stream on the side.

Once that happens, you'll have a proof of concept. You've found something that works.

Then pour in the energy into your side hustle until it grows to match your income from your dayjob.

At this point, you'll have the option to choose whether you want to let go of your dayjob. If you choose to stay, it'll really be because you love it, not because you need the money.

It will be a win-win for you at that point. If you quit your dayjob, you'll have the income from your side hustle now all grown and able to support your living expenses.

If you decide to stay in your dayjob, you can pour your heart into it, knowing that the passive income from your side hustle is like a safety net beneath you. More than a safety net; it's like a net that's bearing you up and along. It feels like you're floating through life lying on a dense, fluffy cloud, gazing at the sky or the stars, depending on whether it's day or night.

Instead of #quietquitting, try a #silentstartup.

Now, the only question that remains is where to find a passive-income-generating side hustle that you can work in your extra 10% after-hours?

How to be an Insurance Agent in Malaysia

So you want to be an #insuranceagent in #malaysia?
First, decide which insurance company you want to represent.
Next, look for a friend who's an insurance agent with that insurance company and tell them you want to join the industry. They'll set you up with their company's onboarding programme. Or you can just go to the insurance company's website and look for a link to become an agent. They all have it.

Then, you'll need to study and pass the Life Insurance Association of Malaysia's (#LIAM) exams before you can start #selling and earn commissions.

Or, you can simply partner with me and earn referral fees. You don't even need to take exams to be qualified as an agent because you can just refer clients to me, I'll do the insurance agent's sales and servicing work, and you'll earn the referral fees from every case closed. The referral fees start from 20% of the premiums, all the way up to millions over time.

The thing is, AFTER you've built a solid income, THEN you can still qualify to become a licensed agent if you want. (For example, if you're like me, bitten by the insurance bug:

They say that people give you money for solving their problems. The bigger the problem you solve, the more the money they want to give you.
My "problem" is where to find clients. If you solve this problem for me, I'll pay you in appreciation!

Partner and profit with me in my #insurance referral #business. #networkingbusiness

AZ Force, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways:

AZ Force, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways:

insurancefortherestofus #takafuluntukrakyatjelata #AZFORCE #family #financialsecurity #wealthnetwork

1. Thy products are world-class

Insurance policies from the largest insurer in the world, headquartered in Munich, Germany.

2. Thy products are designed for the "rakyat jelata" of Malaysia

With prices that are within reach of the middle and lower income groups - the majority of the population - while providing more than adequate critical illness, medical and life insurance, fully vetted by Bank Negara Malaysia, the central bank of Malaysia.

3. Thy referral network that redistributes the profits to the referral network itself

Thus providing a way for policyholders to potentially cover the cost of their premiums, in effect getting insurance coverage "for free" with the potential to make a side income, a full-time income or all the way to a high-level income, giving a way to the mid and lower income groups to buy their insurance while at te same time incentivising them to keep their policies in force (as a prerequisite to be eligible to receive referral fees), thereby solving the problem of lapsed policies by providing both the incentive and the power to the people to keep the policies in force.

4. Thy referral network incentivises friends and family to provide referrals

This is since they get rewarded for each referral they bring into the Force, thereby solving insurance agents' greatest challenge: prospecting.

5. Thy compensation plan that provides a way even for regular people to earn an insurance agent's income

And to upskill themselves to become a qualified insurance agent if they so wish - after they've tasted an insurance agent's commission income.

6. Thy referral network that can be bequeathed to my next of kin, whomever I name.

So I can feel safe to make this my life's work.

If you've read this far and are wondering how all this is possible, message me on your platform of choice and let's talk:

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Whether you're a regular person in need of insurance, an entrepreneurial person looking for a business to sink your teeth into or an insurance agent looking for a prospecting system, talk to me for a zero-obligation sit-down to have your questions answered.

And if you're a friend of mine, then let's meet up just to gab as well! 😉

Options for a critical illness survivor with insurance

The best time to plant an oak tree is one hundred years ago. The SECOND best time to plant an oak tree is today. Wait, what? It shocks the mind at first. If the best time to plant an oak tree is one hundred years ago, then shouldn't the second best time to plant an oak tree be something like 99 years ago or at least eighty years ago? But if you take a breath and let the initial shock pass, then you'll realise that one hundred or eighty years or one year ago makes no difference. You can't go back in time. At least not yet. So the second best time is NOW. Today.

In similar fashion, the best time to buy insurance is before anything untoward happens. The second best time is when something untoward happens to someone you know. Don't you hate it when something bad happens to someone you know and they bug you to get insurance? I'm that guy. 🙋‍♂️

What if something seriously untoward happens to a person? What would his options be?

He could seek medical treatment.

It he could just retire and live out his days with no deterioration in standard of living as far as income goes.

Ive had a friend who said insurance can't protect you from anything happening. Well, of course insurance can't prevent the untoward event from happening. That belongs to the realm of discipline and luck. But IF something happens, then insurance protects your finances from being sucked into the black hole of bad luck.

It's not something anyone would want to think about, but what IF it happens that critical illness strikes?

Do you want to check in to the hospital and have it treated medically?

Or do you want to check out and spend the rest of your days chilling with your loved ones WITH NO REDUCTION IN INCOME?

Insurance can help with both.

Did you know you have choices?

Stroke is such a major event that it kind of freezes time. There's a time Before Stroke (BS) And a time After Stroke (AS).

That's why it's shocking on an emotional level to hear that a friend's relative had a stroke and then a friend had a stroke and then my physiotherapist friend had a new patient who had a major stroke and another friend's relative had symptoms of stroke and they discovered she had high blood pressure, which is now being managed by medication. It's shocking on an emotional level because "what's going on with all these people having strokes? I thought the stroke timeline should have paused." But if you think about it logically, nobody else's timeline had paused. Unfortunately, people are still getting strokes left and right.

And now I must confess something. My neighbour who's doing insurance said his wife had been bugging him to approach me about insurance for the few weeks before I had my stroke. He was pretty shook up about it but I don't hold him responsible for anything. Who's to say that if he had approached me then, that I would have responded in a positive way? After all, I was doing all right, just feeling a bit fat and unfit, so why are you talking to me about untoward things? Are you judging me?

So, there's no telling how I might have reacted if he spoke to me in the few weeks before I had my stroke.

Now I find myself in the position of having had critical illness happen to me and I'm bugging my friends to get protected financially.

A good insurance plan can turn a tragic incident like stroke or critical illness into something akin to striking the lottery.

Of course, no one wants the event that leads to an insurance claim, but if, if IF the event happens, you want to go the options of pursuing the full treatments available OR checking out and retiring to spend your days recuperating at your own pace and enjoying time with the ones who hold you dear.
Read my testimony at

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A surreal experience after watching Everything Everywhere All At Once

A surreal experience after watching Everything Everywhere All At Once:

I was at OWL making my specs this afternoon, when a young woman comes in and says to me, "Excuse me, where is shop number 36?"

I looked at her dumbfounded. Was this a trick question?

Then the optometrist who was attending me said to her, "Uh, pardon?"

The young woman snapped to and said, "Uh, Starbucks?"

"Oh, just go straight there and go upstairs," said the optometrist, gesturing with his hand to the escalators.

The thing is, when I saw the girl walk into OWL, I was thinking, Sonia? Because she looked exactly like my friend Sonia, who herself is a twin.

Then when she opened her mouth and asked me the question, I was further thrown off balance. Why ask me, when I was sitting at the counter with various spectacle frames in front of me? Surely she could surmise I was a customer? Why not ask a security guard or the optometrist - someone who worked there - or the freaking INFORMATION COUNTER just outside OWL?

So my thought process was, Okay, not Sonia. Probably not Sonia's twin either. Does Sonia have a triplet that I didn't know about heretofore?

Then there was the actual content of the question itself. Why ask for the lot number instead of just saying, Excuse me, can you point me to STARBUCKS?

It was a surreal experience, especially after watching Everything Everywhere All At Once, a movie about a middle-aged woman who suddenly finds herself in the middle of a perilous mission to save the multiverse, with thousands of versions of herself in parallel universes, each one slightly different than the others.

Am I in the middle of an adventure to save the multiverse? Are there thousands of "me"s out there? I don't know, but I'm pretty sure there's at least three Sonias!

Are there really thousands of mes out there?

The most likely conclusion is that this woman saw me and was so awestruck by my handsomeness that she felt compelled to ask me, the least likely candidate to enquire from, and my handsomeness fried her brain so that she asked for the lot number instead of one of the most recognisable brand names in all the world! Yes, that's the most logical conclusion. The other one being that the multiverse is real and there are thousands of versions of each of us bumbling around in parallel universes.

My WHY I'm doing insurance

My WHY I'm doing insurance
I was in the doctor's office, looking at his PC screen with the ghostly MRI scan of my brain on the screen.
"These scans satisfy the criteria for stroke. It is claimable under the 36 critical illnesses," said my neurologist. Alas, my insurance lapsed years ago. It was a wake-up call to me of the importance of insurance (and of keeping your policy in force).

So, I've made it my mission to empower all my friends - and anyone who will listen - with insurance protection.
This is my WHY.

Also, selling insurance is an excuse to meet up with friends.
Some people make friends as an excuse to sell something.

1. I'm selling insurance as an excuse to make friends.

2. Malaysia's insurance penetration rate is only 48%.

More than half of Malaysians have no insurance protection. Meaning, one medical emergency can plunge an entire household into poverty! As if the average Malaysian isn't struggling enough as it is.

3. The M40 and B40 groups are the most underserved when it comes to insurance protection.

I am offering affordable insurance policies that provide protection for the financially vulnerable in case of accident or critical illness and loss of income. I'm also offering an income opportunity together with the insurance policies.

  • Do you have insurance?
    If not, let's meet up!

  • Or do you know anyone who's underinsured and you're worried about them? Refer them to me and if they buy a policy from me, you can get a share of my commission. "Your leads, I work." And you get rewarded.

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I'm Alpha Lim, Insurance Biz Pro, offering:
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Business-building for the
❤️M40 and 💪 B40 groups

Here's why:

How may I help you?

Alpha Lim, Insurance Biz Pro, offering
🛡️Protection and
🪙Business-building for the
❤️M40 and 💪 B40 groups

Alpha Lim, Insurance Biz Pro, menawarkan
🛡️ Perlindungan dan
🪙 Pembangunan bisnes bagi warga
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Acupuncture feels like this

Acupuncture feels like this

Acupuncture is nothing, lah. Like antbite.

Well, not exactly. More like a mosquito bite. If the mosquito is a Decepticon a hundred times bigger than a natural-born mosquito. Then its proboscis would be about the same size and material as an acupuncture needle.

Actually, it's like a swarm of ten to twelve decepticon mosquitoes. Because that's how many needles are used for a session.

And then these Decepticon mosquitoes could route their electrical energy in through their probosces. But they're obedient to you and will turn up and down the intensity of the electric current that's running through their probosces in through your muscles according to your direction.

"Does it hurt?" Adeline asked me after the first session.

This little piece is my answer.

Actually, my answer was, "It feels as if someone were sticking long metal needles into you."

I don't subscribe to the "It's nothing one, lah. Like antbite." school of deception.

I'd rather paint a realistic picture for you.
It feels like being pierced by long, slender needles.

Thing is, it's really good because the feeling after treatment is just heavenly.

There are two types of pain in life. The pain of regret and the pain of discipline. Acupuncture is the pain of discipline and growth.
In Malaysian parlance, it is syiok.

Thoughts on Good Friday from as I sit in my church's Bible study room waiting for service to start

Today is Good Friday and Francis Raj shared the old "Watch the Lamb" video with me. It's very moving. Thank you Jesus for your love and sacrifice.

And then "Thank You for Giving to the Lord" autoplayed. Another great song. Very moving. Puts things into perspective.

It reminds me to examine WHY I do things.

And why is that? Why am I doing insurance?

I'm doing insurance because:

1.I really believe in it and

2.I really love my friends.

So, because of this love for my friends, I want to empower them with as much insurance cover as they can afford. Because, as much as we want to keep safe and healthy, "Malang tidal berbau," as the Malay proverb goes. Tragedy visits unannounced. That's why it's a tragedy. If we were prepared for it, it would only be an inconvenience, not a tragedy.

Insurance is all about managing risk so that in the event of a loss, insurance would indemnify the insured - that is, to make whole, to bring the insured back to pre-loss financial standing.

So, because I love my friends so much, I want to make sure they're covered with insurance protection to the tune of hundreds of thousands or even millions of ringgit, in exchange for premiums of onlyhundreds or thousands. That's a return of hundreds or thousands of times. I love leverage. I love using OPM (other people's money) that's why the insurance industry turns me on so much. I had previously read about strategies like OPM. Now I'm actually in the arena, doing it for real.

There are few certainties in life... But death is one of them. So, everyone should leverage this certainty with a kick-ass insurance policy. I almost feel sorry for Prudential. They have to pay out millions of ringgit while collecting hundreds or thousands of ringgit in premiums. Ah, well, I only almost feel sorry for Prudential. They're a large corporation with many prudent actuarial scientists working behind the scenes (pun fully intended). Besides, they're collecting those premiums from hundreds of thousands of people. Mathematics is magical!

Anyway, it really turns me on that for premiums of hundreds or thousands, people can set their future offspring up for life, when they take out a life insurance policy on themselves, or even an insurance savings plan.

Turn your job into an instant estate with assets of your own for your Legacy! You can do this by taking advantage of the leverage of insurance.

You can work hard to make a million bucks, or you can take an insurance policy to turn what the devil meant for evil into a windfall for your family.

"Into every life a little rain must fall,"goes the old lyrics. It's not certain that everyone will be struck with a critical illness. But it's probable, especially as age takes its toll. So, first of all, stay healthy. Eat well, sleep well and exercise. And guard your thoughts and feelings, too. Do all that good stuff and control what you can control. But then, make sure you're covered for things that are seemingly out of your control.

It's interesting how you can live each day fully when you're prepared for your death. That's the Stoic philosophy for you. "Memento Mori."remember you will die. In the old days, the Roman soldiers would keep a literal _memento of death, such as an enemy human skull, to remind themselves that they will die.

The Epicureans believed that meaning was found in the full experience of life's pleasures.

The Spartans believed that meaning was found in embracing hardship and toil.

The Ascetics believed that meaning was found in the denial of all life's pleasures.

But the Stoics believed that life is inherently meaningful, and that the remembrance of one's own death freed one's day-to-day life up in unimaginable ways, to live freely, unencumbered by anything: To live a life of service to one's own dependents and society at large.

It's amazing, the freedom you experience and the enjoyment in everyday life you feel, when you're aware that you will one day die, embrace that fact and prepare for it. "You're already naked" is the way Steve Jobs put it in his famous Stanford commencement speech.

Such are my thoughts, this Good Friday evening as I sit here in church listening to the singers and band get ready out in the sanctuary. Not forgetting the sound technician as well. I can hear the production crew preparing as well. Everyone tends to forget the soundman. I remember when the Integrity Music team came to town many decades ago, and conducted worship workshops. There were sessions for worship leaders, musicians and soundmen.

"You're worms," the workshop leader said to all the soundmen gathered. "If not for you, the whole show would go down. But nobody remembers you - except when something goes wrong. Then the whole congregation would turn around and look at you."

As much as soundmen are overlooked, I imagine that soundwomen have it worse. Nobody expects a woman to do three sound.

So, on this Good Friday where we remember that Jesus washed his disciples'feet, join me in applauding the soundmen. And doubly so for the soundwomen!

How to use a crutch - and why I value listening in the sales process

To rely on something unreliable is worse than to rely on nothing at all. Because, if you have a broken leg that's in a cast and you're walking around with a crutch, if that crutch breaks, there goes your leg. It'll have to be set again, to say nothing of the pain of breaking an already broken leg!

So, if you rely on something, test it with a partial load first, to make sure it can withstand the full load. Then, each time you're using it, consider it a retest of the reliability of that crutch - or whatever it is you're relying on.

On the matter of crutches, they can be an aid or a hindrance to healing. It just depends on how you're using it, which is an emanation of WHY you're using it. Are you using it as s prop to do what you couldn't otherwise do? Or are you using as a replacement to do what you previously could do?

Your WHY makes all the difference. This is true of the saying "religion is a crutch."

So, what is my WHY for insurance sales? It is a prop for my favourite thing: listening and connecting with people, and helping them get to their goals in life.

I truly listen. You might have the world's top artist paint a mural for you, but what's the use if he just repaints a mural that he's famous for?

What if he's famous for painting horses but you want a mural of giant pandas?

What if you need a surgery on your foot but you're talking to the world's foremost neurosurgeon? Sure, there are transferable skills between brain surgery and foot surgery, but only to a limited extent. If the brain surgeon applied his expertise to diagnose your foot problem, he could be of help- or at least know how to refer you accordingly.

That's why I value listening.

To me, sales is not so much about telling you what you need, but it's about asking you what you feel you need, to discover what you really need, and showing you the solutions I have available, to help you ideally to answer your needs.

And that, to me, is a beautiful and powerful thing.

you can blame "them" or ...

Maybe "they" should have taught you these things in school, but "they" didn't.

So, you can blame "them."

Or, you can educate yourself.

Dollar-cost average your life every day

When I look at this BTC price chart, I feel happy.

Why? Because I'm dollar-cost averaging every day.

Every day, I buy X ringgit of bitcoin - and certain other cryptos.

So, on the days that the price is up, I'm happy because my holdings are up.

On the days the price is down, I'm happy because I managed to buy more crypto for the same amount of money spent.

How we spend our days should be the same.

Have your daily practices and keep at them - no matter what.

Don't try and give a heroic effort at change when you're feeling up, or give up when you're feeling down.

Don't try and "time the market" and "get lucky" with your life development as a person.

Just plug away steadily and with the same, small measure of energy every day.

On days when it's easy (the price is down), you'll achieve more.

On days when it's hard (the price is up), the small contributions you made in the couple of weeks before will carry you through with momentum - and it'll feel easier than it really is.

Just have your daily practices written down (don't leave it to memory that can disappear on bad days) and execute them in small, regular measures every day.

You'll be surprised at how far you've come in just a couple of months.

Trust me, you can do this.

One small energy-cost averaging of your life every day, and you can be a different you in less than a year.

Don't believe me?

Imagine if you ate a small bag of chips every. Dang. Day.

Wouldn't your life change (for the worse) in a couple of weeks?

Now, imagine if you read - out loud - a chapter of a solid book every. Dang. Day.

Wouldn't your life change for the better in just a couple of weeks?

Yes, it would.

And yes, you can!

Tell me, what small thing will you do every day?

You want to be the dumbest person in the room

I'm quite sure that you've heard the advice before, that your level is the averge of the five people you spend most time with.

Eric Worre of the Network Marketing Professional, has a hot take on that.

You want to be the dumbest person in the room, he says. You don't want to have a posse.

Because, if you're the lowest person in your group, they'll pull you up by association.

But if you're the highest person in your group, they'll pull you down by association.

Having a posse is nice for the ego, but it's counterproductive to progress in personal growth.

On the other hand, high performers also know this. So, they'll be wary of letting a lower-level performer into their inner circle, because they'd tend to bring them down.

In other words, you need to create, make, produce something that's worthy of associating with people higher than yourself. And it's not a comfortable feeling, to grow upward.

On the other side, it's very comfortable to decay downward. Very comfortable.

However, to grow is infinitely more satisfying than to decay.

It is worth it, in other words.

What could you contribute, to earn your way into the inner circle of people whom you consider to be ahead of you on your path to success?

My finger is sore

My finger is sore.

No, not the whole finger.

Just one spot where the corner of the fingernail digs into the flesh of the fingertip. I cut my nail too short.


My finger is sore.

It's not noticeably swollen or red, just tender.


My finger is sore.

And that's all I can think about.

Well, not really. I go about my day, but I have a little nonverbal voice in the back of my head going, "Notice me, notice me."

If I allow this voice to distract me from my workaday tasks, then I would derail more important stuff for a tiny discomfort.

If I ignore this little voice and carelessly bash my finger against something in the course of my day, then the tiny sore may become a fullblown infection necessitating the shelving of my workaday plans to attend to this new urgency.

What is the moral of the story?

I'll send $1 in BSV to the first satisfying answer.

The most selfless thing you can do is to put in your oxygen mask first


If you're in a plane and the oxygen masks suddenly drop down, the most selfless thing you can do is to put yours on first. Secure your oxygen supply, then you can help with the children, the elderly and disabled.

I feel that my job for now is to heal myself first, so that I can heal others next.

Make sure your oxygen supply is secured. If there's no emergency, practise breathing daily by meditating. Focus on your breathing while letting your mind ascend to things above (this is the meaning behind the "mindscendence") for twenty minutes. If you can't do twenty minutes, do two until you can do twenty.

For now, my "job" will be:

  1. physio morning and night,

  2. acupuncture once a day,

  3. Meditation morning and night, and

  4. studying for my insurance agent qualifying exam. Plus,

  5. meeting up with old friends and family to celebrate life.

  6. Making new friends to expand my circle of care.

And now I am ready for lunch. Later in the day, I wish to practise driving.

Some thoughts on pain during the acupuncture session just now: There are different kinds of pain. The pain of discipline. The pain of regret. The pain of growth. These taste different. The pains of discipline and growth taste bittersweet. The pain of regret tastes bitter. As biological beings, we instinctively avoid pain but are drawn to pleasure. We can train our minds to recognise sweet pain as pleasure, so we'll seek it out. If we indulge in the pain of discipline and growth enough, we'll avoid the pain of regret.

Create a new relationship with pain.

This sounds like a BDSM relationship. Submissives need discipline. It's good for them. It's sweet pain, that's why they do it. People outside the relationship don't get it. Just like people outside gym culture don't get why people would want to punish themselves. Same for marathon runners.

There's an inside language that is not understood by outsiders.

I sold tell Brittany that I'd like to see her alone. I wonder what that'd do to her state of mind?

Maybe nothing. Maybe she'd also like that. Should we do it?

Do what? Have procreative sex? Definitely not. Have non-procreative sex? Maybe. Meet up and talk about truth? Definitely.

So, I just signed up for the PCE exam just now. Cynthia called me and Jason walked me through registering for the exam. I don't think I'd figured it out if not for Jason's pointers. The design of the website is totally non-intuitive.

I have 3angle work to do, and I have MpCoPy work to do.

I shall do those after this.

Come on, the hundred words more. What can I write about?

I can write about my harem. I choose to embody dominant masculine divine energy. And I choose to sponsor a harem for my feminine girls, where they can express their submission without shame and the denigration of this upside down feminist society.

They can instead choose to exercise true submissive femininity as a response to my dominant masculine divine energy. And as they exercise their submissive feminine divine energy, they will in turn elicit a response from dominant masculine divine men. To their happily ever after.

I am doing a valuable service here.

I don't know how three logistics of this harem will work out, only that it will. I submit it to God's hands.

Teenage girls might seem too young to this upside down world, but they're already getting along in age. There going to be adults soon, increasingly set in their ways. There's not much time for them to learn the submissive feminine divine ways.

If they embrace the sweet pain of discipline now, they won't have to taste the bitter pain of regret later on in life.

I choose to seek out the sweet pain of growth and discipline now. I choose to mete out the sweet pain of growth and discipline now. It is my service to my girls. And to all for whom I'm responsible.

I am creating a huge, hard, healthy body, an embodiment of pure dominant masculine divine energy, a reward and safe space for my submissive feminine divine girls.

I have no idea how this is going to work out, only that it is going to work out.

I have a vision, a mission and am intention for my submissive, feminine divine girls. That they might grow in their femininity and their submission, to their happily ever after.